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CPA Ninja

Filed Under (CPA Marketing) by PPC Master on 17-06-2009

*CPA Ninja Bonus Will Be Announced Via Newsletter*

**I have to do this so unscrupulous bastards don’t steal any of my ideas for my bonus! I’ll present via a video as it’s way more personable and you’ll see I’m not some guru hiding behind some pseudo $2997 (so-called) real value offer – aka pile of useless crap – and other sites don’t even HAVE a CPA Ninja bonus, they just optimize for the keyword…WTF?

CPA Ninja Banner

Check out this video on the CPA NINJA,  where Marty Rozmanith reveals the “sneaky tricks” one of his students (with NO previous internet marketing experience) is using to kill it with CPA offers – the apparent HOLY GRAIL of internet marketing these days. . . He’s able to do this:

* Without a product . . .
* Without a list . . .
* Without JV partners . . .
* Without “launches” . . .
* Without paying for traffic . . .

In fact, the only thing this guy DOES do is pump out simple “automatic” websites that funnel cash to his bank account on complete autopilot.

(Which, as you’ll see in the video, is about as hard as pushing a button.) This website is a good example ;)

If you’ve been trying to make money online the “hard” way . . . and haven’t had the success that you’ve wanted, then you’ll definitely want to check out this video while you can (I get the feeling they won’t leave it up for long.)

Oh, and don’t worry. You don’t have to opt in or anything. You can watch the whole video (and suck up all it’s moolah-making secrets) for free.

P.S. Marty is the guy behind WordPress Direct . . . and is SUPER SMART

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PPC to CPA – It’s about to get a whole lot more crowded!

Filed Under (Google Adwords, Pay Per Click Tracking) by PPC Master on 01-06-2009

Running PPC ads to CPA offers almost seems to be a mind-numbingly simple way to trade pennies for dollars – getting someone to enter their zip code or email address is WAY easier than getting someone to actually whip out their credit card and PAY for something. However, what offers do you go after? what keywords convert? Will CPA offers convert via SEO traffic or do they convert better via PPC traffic? These are questions every online marketer faces when diving into this realm of PPC marketing. They key is, how do you do it without pulling all your hair out and killing all your time and/or budget?

You need TOOLS – tools like PPC Bully 2.0 ;)

Remember to opt-in on the right to see why PPC Bully 2 is one of my most important tools in my PPC marketing arsenal… I’ll be creating a video series and blueprint for how I use PPC Bully in my day-to-day and sharing with my VIP subscribers.

Read More on The PPC Bully 2.0 Tool -

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