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PPC Classroom 2 Reopening Doors! Get Free Report Now!

Filed Under (PPC Training) by PPC Master on 17-02-2009

I’ve heard it for the longest time that PPC is a waste of time and that everyone loses money in it. I’ve even heard HORROR stories where students lost $20,000+ trying to learn PPC.

It was because of that that I stayed away…

Now, I just saw something that scratch my head and I’m wondering if we’ve been lied to?

Anik Singal and Amit Mehta are about to release PPC Classroom 2 next week and in the last little while during the prelaunch, I’ve been hearing rumors of crazy stories coming out of the previous class.

Over 1,500 Students have been saying all over the net that it’s the best course they’ve ever been in. But, too bad the course has been closed for a few months and there is NO way to get in (you can’t even talk your way in).

Well, then I just saw something a few days ago – they’re re-opening!

But check this out…

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PPC Tracking – Whether You Like It or Not, You Need To Do It

Filed Under (Pay Per Click Tracking, PPC Training) by PPC Master on 17-02-2009

PPC Tracking is essential to ensure you are getting the best return on investment (ROI) for your paid advertising efforts.  With visitor and traffic intelligence that can be generated from the wide assortment of PPC tracking tools available, you or your company can ensure you’re getting the right traffic, for the right cost per click (CPC) and convert those visitors into buying customers.

What many marketers (from beginners to big companies) fail to really understand is that the most important ingredient to Adwords success is accurate PPC tracking.   Probably the BEST tool out there for PPC affiliate tracking & Optimization is StatsJunky <- You HAVE to checkout the demonstration by Mike and get his trends report…


No doubt that various PPC tracking tools are gaining amazing popularity among Affiliate Marketers simply because most of them are losing money and have no idea why!   Adding a PPC tracking tool to your arsenal can easily let you have a profitable, fully optimized pay-per-click campaign the minute it launches.

Read More About PPC Tracking

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