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PPC Bully 2.0 – Last Call To Join My Mastermind

Filed Under (PPC Spy Tools) by PPC Master on 24-06-2009

If you’re already in my PPC Bully 2.0 Mastermind group, you can ignore this post ;)

The guys just re-opened the doors for a limited number of people and if you end up picking up a license beyond the trial, you can join myself and the 6 others in my mastermind (so far been great with our nice small group – I think 10 might be a nice round number ;)

*This is the ad copy (more or less) provided by PPC Bully themselves:
So Emil and the boys at PPC Bully are re-releasing a trial version of PPC Bully 2.0 for (wait for it) $9.97!!

That’s right – ONLY $9.97! That’s less than the price of pizza.

This one’s a “no-brainer” – get it now!

PPC Bully & My Mastermind

As if getting to test drive PPC Bully 2.0 for that ridiculous price is not enough, they’ve added some amazing bonuses, too:

==> Niche Finding Blueprint – $197 value
==> Rational/Emotional Dictionary – $197 value
==> The Bully MEGA Lists – $497 value
==> The Color Report – $197 value
==> Traffic Tavis Pro – sales for $99
==> Speed PPC Pro – $150 discount
==> Tracking 202 eXtreme – worth $9,000!!!
==> Market Samurai – $59 discount
==> WhiteSmoke – sales for $99
==> Stats Junky – a $470 discount
==> Double Digit CTR – sales for $77
==> Get More Buyers – sales for $97
These bonuses are well worth over $10,000+. They alone is a good enough reason to signup now.

Don’t wait – grab it while it lasts.

PPC Bully 2.0 & My Mastermind

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PPC Bully 2 Quick Video Review

Filed Under (PPC Spy Tools) by PPC Master on 14-05-2009

PPC Bully 2 set to be a ‘game changer’? Best thing for PPC Advertising since sliced bread? Insert whatever Internet Marketing cliches you want but if you’ve been in his affiliate marketing game for more than 5 minutes, you’ve quickly realized (hopefully) that you need every bloody advantage you can possibly get when it comes to making a buck online. It aint the glory days of google cash method from back in 2004 that’s for sure.

In any case, PPC Bully 2 is indeed another spytool which allows you to scrape the Adwords marketplace and “seek and destroy” specific pockets of traffic and keyword combinations. I use a plethora of tools these days and PPC Bully has been one of them which allow me to do lightning fast PPC competitive market research and it’s given me ideas for obscure sources of traffic from unique keywords.

My PPC Bully 2.0 Bonus & MasterMind

The premise is simple – if you find an affiliate direct linking to a clickbank product for more than 14 or 30 days (or longer), logic would simply dictate that the keyword is profitable or why the hell would the person continue advertising on it? As you uncover some of these affiliates, you can then go on to “out-market” them with better landing pages, pre-sell opt-in pages, SEO’d blogs, etc etc etc – this is exactly how I am using the tool. Once I’ve tested a few keywords (which have demonstrated “staying power” via other affiliates), I simply create SEO sites to get FREE traffic from those very same keywords. I pay to perform some testing, then from that point forward, I get my traffic for free – that’s just the way *I* do it. If you want to know more about this technique, be sure to optin to my PPC Marketing Newsletter over on the right.

Anyways, here’s a totally brief video I just took which summarizes a little bit of how I’ve been using PPC Bully and I definitely look forward to the re-release of the newest version – PPC Bully 2.0.

To win in this online affiliate game (more like war), you have to start thinking out of the box (so cliche) and start using these publically available tools a little differently than everyone else – and as Howie Schwartz always says, you just have to do 5% more than everyone else ;)

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PPC Bully 2.0 – PPC Ultimate Weapon

Filed Under (PPC Spy Tools) by PPC Master on 12-05-2009

PPC Bully 2.0 is about to relaunch on June 9th and if you are in the PPC Marketing realm, this is definitely one product launch you won’t want to miss!

PPC Bully 2.0 is an online hosted application that gives you the ability to “spy” (legally) on your adwords competition to find profitable keywords and ad copy. Provided you haven’t been living under a rock, PPC marketing has become one of the cornerstone methods for online affiliates to “get into the online marketing game”, however, the competition is fierce and it simply isn’t as easy as it was 3 or 4 years ago when you could slap up a Google Adwords or Yahoo (Overture) Advertisement and drive traffic to any of thousands of affiliate products and literally write your own cheques.

Read More About PPC Bully 2.0

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PPC Kahuna

Filed Under (PPC Spy Tools) by PPC Master on 11-04-2009

For those of you “depending” on spytools to reveal to you the holy grail of PPC riches, I’m afraid I have some bad news. As time goes on, the “elite guys” that are killing it in the PPC world are probably going to do everything in their power to block those tools from spying on their campaigns. My experience has shown I can block the more common ones from crawling my landing pages pretty easily – just google “block ppc spytools” and you’ll find a plethora of information on how to modify your .htaccess file. On the other hand, many of these guys are direct linking right to the merchant / clickbank hoplink which obviously can’t be blocked – this is yet another intriguing thing as most of the tests I’ve done have yielded terrible quality scores. Discussion for another day.

Anyway, one tool that I’ve been using more of is PPC Kahuna. It would appear it’s more difficult to notice since this software runs on your own PC so it doesn’t have a common IP address footprint that advertisers can easily block. Everybody knows what the IP addresses are of the common PPC spytools like keywordspy and spyfu and GCD and keycompete, etc etc etc. They can change and rotate servers but you can just update your .htaccess to block accordingly. Presumably, if someone was really watching their server logs, they could block you from using PPC Kahuna as well, but that would be a loooooot of work. eg, do you know what IP my various machines are running on? probably not ;)

I am now using PPC Kahuna as well as PPC Bully instead of GCD and compare it against spyfu and the free versions of keywordspy etc. You kind of have to have an open mind with these spytools and not rely on them too heavily – use them to gather some broadstroke market intelligence on where / how to enter a market, but don’t assume you can just copy someone and be successful. I think those days are numbered.

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The Google Cash Detective 2 Abundance Report

Filed Under (PPC Spy Tools) by PPC Master on 08-03-2009

Chris from Google Cash Detective has released an amazing 18 page report called “The Abundance Report”.

Google Cash Detective 2 Abundance Report

At this very moment, ALL of the Google Adwords advertising activity for over 2.5 Million Keywords and over 50 Million URLS is being organized into an Enormous Data Base.
Very few people have access to this information, and it’s just as well because this Data Base holds the Closely Guarded Blueprints Behind Millions of Dollars of Pay Per Click Profits.
FACT: The lion’s share of Google’s revenue comes from its Adwords pay per click advertising service. Google reported revenues of $5.70 billion in the fourth quarter of 2008, representing an 18% increase over fourth quarter 2007 revenues.

Special Report Uncovers That Ordinary People Armed with Devastatingly Powerful Information are Conquering the Entrenched Professional’s Stranglehold on Affiliate Marketing!

“WARNING: These Ordinary People Are Out To KILL Your Business In 2009!”

However, There’s A Solution…But Only If You Know How To Turn The Tables And Exploit The ABUNDANCE of Opportunities That the “Detectives” Have Discovered…

Read on for the Google Cash Detective 2.0 Abundance Report

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