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Pay Per Click Tracking

Filed Under (Pay Per Click Tracking) by PPC Master on 15-02-2009

One of the MOST important rules of Adwords Success is Pay Per Click Tracking.  If you don’t know which of your keywords are converting to sales, then why the hell are you bidding on those keywords?  Throwing money blindly into Google’s phat bank account is only going to land you in the poor house and that’s not the way to perform PPC Search Engine Web Marketing

So first and foremost, how does one properly track what they are doing in the world of PPC?   There are essentially dozens of tools and software scripts available that allow you to monitor your pay per click placement and what your return on investment is.  The most popular tools that I recommend are listed above in the main title bar of this site.  You really have to understand that ppc tracking and optimization is what separates the people that are successful doing this type of business as opposed to those who are losing their shirts every day – PPC promotion is not only difficult, it’s expensive if you don’t have the right tools to really monitor what the heck you are doing.

I strongly suggest checking out the PPC WebSpy tool that is available for free from this site as well as seriously considering PPC Bully.  Without these tools, you are really throwing darts at the wall blindfolded and in this day and age, the competition is EXTREMELY fierce.    There was recently a system released by Chris McNeeny (Day Job Killer, Adwords Miracle, Affiliate Project X) and Tim Houston called Google Shadow that reveals how he is direct linking his Google Adwords campaigns to affiliate offers (aka Google Cash Method) and earning a LOT of money doing so.  Where most marketers have thought this ppc search engine promotion strategy was long gone, he is having tremendous success and I needed to know what he was doing so I obviously picked it up.   Stay tuned and I’ll be reporting my progress (including both success and failure) in terms of promoting affiliate programs via pay per click.

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