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Claiming Your PPC Bully 2.0 Bonus

Filed Under (General PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 09-06-2009

Hey Guys!

Looks like Emil, Yefi and Ran had a great day today! Launch went smoothly and I was even able to get a few emails answered by Yefi during the craziness – Congratulations guys!

For those of you that picked up a license and are eligible for our private mastermind – congratulations to you as well! Our little group is going to be very exclusive so I look forward to working with you. Please remember to forward me your ppc bully 2.0 purchase receipt at: admin at ppc deconstructed dot com

I’ll be in touch with you individually and we’ll get this party started!

talk to you soon.

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My PPC Bully 2.0 Bonus – The Anti-Bonus

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 06-06-2009

Rather than try and write out some spiel to dazzle you with why you should buy PPC Bully 2.0 through my affiliate link and get my bonus, I figured a video would be easier… But let me start with this – the amount of B.S. that some of these guys are offering as so-called bonuses is borderline criminal. I saw a “guru” today promote his bonus offering some of his most “closely guarded PPC secrets” and one of them was “how to have your ads target the exact same thing your visitors are searching for” and claims tips like this are worth $97… ummm, I didn’t realize dynamic keyword insertion was a closely guarded secret nor did I think that piece of sh*t advice was worth $97!

Another guy is promoting his PPC Bully 2.0 bonus with a “cash-back rebate”. Well, if he was actually in touch with Yefi or Emil at PPC Bully and paid any attention to the JV agreement – cash rebates are NOT ALLOWED. ie, you buy through their link, they don’t get paid – you don’t get your rebate…

These are the things that you really have to be careful of…

Check Out My Video Below:

PPC Bully 2.0 Link For My Bonus & MasterMind Group

**make sure you clear your cookies tomorrow if you purchase (the typical spiel)

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PPC Bully 2.0 Bonus

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 03-06-2009

The response to PPC Bully 2 has been phenomenal to say the least! Who would have thought my little ramble about using the PPC Bully 2.0 tool for SEO research would be so well received – I just thought it was kind of obvious? ;)

In any case, PPC Bully 2.0 Bonus Time! Here’s what I’m going to do for those of you that purchase through my link – for one thing, I’m NOT going to be like all the other IM idiots who give you some re-hashed PLR product that they just gave as a bonus for their previous JV promotion. I’m going to be documenting via camtasia video my exact market research blueprint and how I attack markets to a level that is bordering on anal and some would say over-kill. Why? I don’t like wasting money on clicks if I don’t have to – and if someone else is paying for that very same traffic successfully (ie, profitably) then why the hell can’t I do the exact same thing – but OUTMARKET them and reach deeper into other sources of traffic that they aren’t?

I’ll show you how I do it using the various resources I will reveal AND I’m going to invite you to my private mastermind group with just us PPC Bully 2.0 users to bang around ideas and experiences – good or bad. If you liked some of the stuff I’ve spoken about on the PPC Bully forum as well as some of my rants on Warrior Forum, you won’t want to miss the discussions “behind closed doors” specifically about PPC marketing using the “Bully”.

Read more about my PPC Bully 2.0 Bonus

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