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Keyword Elite 2.0 by Brad Callen Goes Live

Filed Under (Keyword Research) by PPC Master on 25-08-2009

Keyword Elite 2.0 Bonus

* If you DO decide to pick up Keyword Elite 2.0 thru my link, shoot me your receipt at admin at ppcdeconstructed.com and you can become a member of my private mastermind group. *

The long anticipated wait for Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite 2.0 is finally over. Pretty much every guru and their dog is promoting this product right now and the typical onslaught of bonuses are flying around.

I’ve picked it up myself as I had a discount for being a long time keyword elite version 1 user and I’m one of Brad’s testimonial guys for SEO Elite. There’s no argument it’s a great tool but you have to decide whether or not adding yet another tool to your arsenal is going to give you any real gains in productivity. If you DON’T have any other keyword tools and you HAVEN’T ever seen Keyword Elite version 1.0 – this is a no brainer and you should check it out. If you’re already using other tools such as PPC Bully or Hexatrack or Keyword Rockstar etc etc – I personally don’t think you need more to clutter your mind. Of course if you’re using these other tools profitably, picking up Keyword Elite 2.0 is a joke since it’s a great deal at the initial launch price.

There’s TONS of videos and reviews all over the web so I’m not going to waste my time trying to tell you how great it is – if you do decide to pick it up via any of my links, you can join my private PPC & SEO Mastermind group. In this day and age, it’s more about who you can bang ideas off of and discuss strategies and techniques of HOW to use these tools that is the real value – the tool is just a hammer – how to swing it is what brings home the bacon ;)

Keyword Elite 2.0

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