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The Google Cash Detective 2 Abundance Report

Filed Under (PPC Spy Tools) by PPC Master on 08-03-2009

Chris from Google Cash Detective has released an amazing 18 page report called “The Abundance Report”.

Google Cash Detective 2 Abundance Report

At this very moment, ALL of the Google Adwords advertising activity for over 2.5 Million Keywords and over 50 Million URLS is being organized into an Enormous Data Base.
Very few people have access to this information, and it’s just as well because this Data Base holds the Closely Guarded Blueprints Behind Millions of Dollars of Pay Per Click Profits.
FACT: The lion’s share of Google’s revenue comes from its Adwords pay per click advertising service. Google reported revenues of $5.70 billion in the fourth quarter of 2008, representing an 18% increase over fourth quarter 2007 revenues.

Special Report Uncovers That Ordinary People Armed with Devastatingly Powerful Information are Conquering the Entrenched Professional’s Stranglehold on Affiliate Marketing!

“WARNING: These Ordinary People Are Out To KILL Your Business In 2009!”

However, There’s A Solution…But Only If You Know How To Turn The Tables And Exploit The ABUNDANCE of Opportunities That the “Detectives” Have Discovered…

Read on for the Google Cash Detective 2.0 Abundance Report

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