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Exit Popups and PPC Landing Pages

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 21-04-2009

Tired of paying for those clicks to your CPA offer landing pages or affiliate squeeze pages and seeing nothing but huge bounce-rate and zero sales?

Think about implementing an exit popup on those pages that you’re paying to drive visitors to. Give yourself a greater chance of capturing the lead or getting them to take action on a CPA offer instead of leaving it entirely up to the landing page.

If you present to them something very compelling at this point of exit – be it a bonus offer, free eBook, some sort of incentive for subscribing, etc etc – the chances are pretty good that they will at least take a few seconds to consider reading on. If not, the visitor was probably a total tire-kicker/non-buyer anyway so it’s probably good they’re not taking any action and out of your hair forever.

Check out the following short video on how an exit popup could push your PPC campaign over the hump:

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