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CPA Ninja Training Course

Filed Under (CPA Marketing) by PPC Master on 22-06-2009

CPA Ninja is LIVE !!

*Mastermind Bonus Details Announced Via Newsletter* >>

**I have to do this so unscrupulous bastards don’t steal any of my ideas for my bonus! I’ll present via a video as it’s way more personable and you’ll see I’m not some guru hiding behind some pseudo $2997 (so-called) real value offer – aka pile of useless crap – and some other sites don’t even HAVE a CPA Ninja bonus, they just optimized for the keywords…WTF?

On Monday June 22nd at 6pm PST (that’s 9pm for you East coast folks) Matt and Marty are going to run a live on-line training class where they pull back the curtain and show you the exact, super-simple system these guys are using to make all this moolah the simple, no-hassle way . . . by “partnering” up with big companies and getting paid without even SELLING anything (sounds weird, I know.)

And they’re doing the whole class for FREE . . .

If you know Matt and Marty, you know they’re going to pack the whole class with as many juicy, money-getting secrets and immediately-actionable advice as possible . . . in fact, depending on what kind of mood Matt is in, I wouldn’t be surprised if they “Give away the farm.”


Due to technical restrictions, Matt and Marty can only take 1000 people in their training class. (That’s the most they’re fancy system can handle.)

So if you want in you MUST follow this link and secure your spot now:

CPA Ninja Training Webinar

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