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CB Quantum – Companion to PPC Bully 2.0?

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 03-06-2009

CB Quantum was another big “server crashing launch” yesterday by the “day job killer” team (Chris, Andrew and Ken). There’s no doubt these guys were probably one of the biggest catalysts to the hordes of people getting into the world of PPC Marketing. Suffice to say there’s been a LOT of “adwords mastery” guides that have flooded the markets and most of them likely contain regurgitated methods and techniques that Chris mentioned in one of his previous top selling clickbank eBooks. Anyway, these guys are releasing a total “turnkey solution” to this PPC puzzle – I haven’t purchased CB Quantum myself but I do admit that Chris and Andrew’s material have been a big component of my PPC education.

If you’re a newbie / intermediate who hasn’t quite cracked the code to PPC profits yet, take a peek at this full coaching and software suite/platform and decide if it’s right for you.

CB Quantum Official Site

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