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My PPC Bully 2.0 Bonus – The Anti-Bonus

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Rather than try and write out some spiel to dazzle you with why you should buy PPC Bully 2.0 through my affiliate link and get my bonus, I figured a video would be easier… But let me start with this – the amount of B.S. that some of these guys are offering as so-called bonuses is borderline criminal. I saw a “guru” today promote his bonus offering some of his most “closely guarded PPC secrets” and one of them was “how to have your ads target the exact same thing your visitors are searching for” and claims tips like this are worth $97… ummm, I didn’t realize dynamic keyword insertion was a closely guarded secret nor did I think that piece of sh*t advice was worth $97!

Another guy is promoting his PPC Bully 2.0 bonus with a “cash-back rebate”. Well, if he was actually in touch with Yefi or Emil at PPC Bully and paid any attention to the JV agreement – cash rebates are NOT ALLOWED. ie, you buy through their link, they don’t get paid – you don’t get your rebate…

These are the things that you really have to be careful of…

Check Out My Video Below:

PPC Bully 2.0 Link For My Bonus & MasterMind Group

**make sure you clear your cookies tomorrow if you purchase (the typical spiel)

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4 Responses to “My PPC Bully 2.0 Bonus – The Anti-Bonus”

  1. Hi
    I am interested in your Mastermind class about PPCbully2.0. Please send me more info.
    Gert Hansen – zibe2222@gmail.com

  2. Hey Gert (I’m posting this publically so others can benefit as well)

    Thanks for dropping by.

    My “mastermind” is something I’m forming mainly because it seems 90% of the people out there are also “beginners” (relative term) and you are being bombarded with so much crap, you don’t know where to begin or where to focus to get off of first base.

    I will say that this business is not easy – it takes a lot of concentrated and focussed effort for at least 90 days doing ONE thing. Fact remains, NOBODY – or very very very few people – are actually able to stick to ONE thing because they get presented with a new opportunity every other day – the viscious cycle continues.

    So long story short, my forum will be focussed on keeping people on ONE beaten path – hell, if thousands of others before us have been successful doing it, why can’t we? That path is going to be guided by extremely detailed market research, careful campaign launch execution and intelligent budget allocation – a good chunk of this will be determined by PPC bully for the PPC side of things as well as for the SEO stuff like I mentioned.

    I expect the number of people to be very limited, I’d be susprised if I have more than 5 to 10 people in my forum – I could be surprised, but since I’m not offering the traditional “bundled package of extra crap” that everyone seems to want, I’m hoping I only end up working with people that are dedicated and focussed – regardless of experience.

    Look forward to speaking with you soon!

  3. That’s essentially my formula… SEO the high converting PPC stuff I find.

    AdSense is honestly a waste a time (and money).

    PS: Are you going to ASE?

  4. Hey Mike

    You bet. I’ll take free traffic over paid traffic anyday in most markets. HOWEVER, I have experienced way higher conversions with paid traffic than SEO traffic so that’s something to keep in mind. Like you said, at least if you are already converting (making sales) with your keywords that have already been qualified with PPC, it’s still worth your while to SEO them. No sense in wasting ANY time SEO’ing keywords that you think “might” convert or are based purely on search numbers – always go where the money is and has been proven to exist.

    Lol, Google still sends me Adsense cheques every month, so I’m not complaining ;) That is a whole different ball of wax – but definitely gone are the days of traffic equalizer farms and MFA sites. I am still impressed (often surprised) at the click value I get on some of my sites (like $2.00 a click on some things) – more a function of putting adsense on your site somewhat tastefully as opposed to a totally blatant MFA site.

    Unfortunately, not going to ASE – despite numerous invites and I’m wishing I had the time to go!

    catch up with ya soon.

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