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PPC Bully 2.0 – PPC Ultimate Weapon

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PPC Bully 2.0 is about to relaunch on June 9th and if you are in the PPC Marketing realm, this is definitely one product launch you won’t want to miss!

PPC Bully 2.0 is an online hosted application that gives you the ability to “spy” (legally) on your adwords competition to find profitable keywords and ad copy. Provided you haven’t been living under a rock, PPC marketing has become one of the cornerstone methods for online affiliates to “get into the online marketing game”, however, the competition is fierce and it simply isn’t as easy as it was 3 or 4 years ago when you could slap up a Google Adwords or Yahoo (Overture) Advertisement and drive traffic to any of thousands of affiliate products and literally write your own cheques.

The competitive landscape is incredibly fierce and if you’re not implementing every means possible to RESEARCH the market before you launch a campaign, you’re going to blow thru your ad budget pretty damn quick. This is where PPC Bully really shines – it allows you to see what your competition is doing successfully FIRST before you even launch your campaign. This sort of intelligence is paramount in being a successful PPC marketer and if you don’t have a tool like this in your arsenal, you’re basically setting yourself up for a rude awakening when you compare your Adwords invoice to your affiliate commission cheque(s). For more info on PPC Bully, check out the official PPC Bully 2.0 site here. Yefi Gureni and Emil Paz are the guys behind it and they have been very helpful whenever I’ve written them – they run a solid company so you’re investment into their system is safe (which seems to be a unique quality these days with all the crap out there).

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  1. [...] PPC Bully 2.0 set to be a “game changer”? Best thing for PPC Advertising since sliced bread? Insert whatever Internet Marketing cliches you want but if you’ve been in his affiliate marketing game for more than 5 minutes, you’ve quickly realized (hopefully) that you need every bloody advantage you can possibly get when it comes to making a buck online. It aint the glory days of google cash method from back in 2004 that’s for sure. [...]

  2. Great looking PPC Bully 2.0 post. Looks like this is going to be a great program. Cant wait for PPC Bully 2.0 to launch.

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