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Google Change To Display URL policy

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Beginning the week of February 24, we’ll implement a change to our AdWords policy regarding multiple display URL domains per ad group. Please read on to determine whether your AdWords account will be affected by this change.

In an effort to provide more relevant results and a high quality experience for our users, we’ve made the decision to disallow multiple display URL domains within a single ad group. Going forward, all display URLs within an ad group must have the same top-level domain. Please note that this amendment to our policy applies to all advertisers, regardless of previous exceptions or acceptability of any ad groups.

For example, an ad group containing any of the following display URLs would comply with this policy because all URLs contain the same top-level domain, “example.com”:

The following display URLs in the same ad group, however, would not comply with our policy because their top-level domains don’t match:

As a result of this update to our display URL policy, we encourage you to make any necessary adjustments to your ads in advance of the change. This will ensure that they’ll run without disruption as a result of future disapprovals related to this policy. Also, remember that your ad’s display URL must match its destination URL (the URL of your landing page). All other requirements regarding our existing display URL policy and its enforcement will remain the same.

While we understand there are legitimate use-cases for multiple display URL domains within one ad group, we ask that you use separate ad groups for each domain. This will not only provide a better user experience for your potential customers, but will also allow you to better organize and track the various domains within your AdWords account.

Posted by Emel Mutlu, Inside AdWords crew
Friday, February 20, 2009 at 10:40 AM

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