PPC Statistcal Analysis!

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Facebook PPC Ad Domination!

Filed Under (PPC Tools) by PPC Master on 29-07-2011

For anybody out there doing Paid Advertising, this is like the holy grail… Imagine getting .02 cent CPC or .05 CPM! Paid advertising on Facebook is just killer, and if you’re not doing it now, you’re crazy. You’re even MORE crazy if you’re not using this tool! Check out the AdToolbox Social Ads Manager

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    The Best SEO Tools at a Low Christmas price!

    Filed Under (PPC Tools) by PPC Master on 23-12-2009

    Season’s Greetings!

    **Special Christmas Offer Valid until Dec.29th,2010!
    Use code: happy2010

    We know this may sound like a joke, but still, unreal as it seems, how would you like a 5,000% boost to the power of your SEO?

    ==> SEO PowerSuite Christmas Discount!

    This goes together with the simple and forceful (but often underestimated) technique that helped our own website get the #1 spot for seo software – a keyword with a 26-million competition (and don’t forget that our rivals are all SEO folks, so it was double-challenging to outwit them). What we used and recommend now is analysis of competitors’ backlinks. This adult approach to SEO eliminates guessing game and gets you on the straight track to #1 ranking in Google or any other search engines.

    ==> SEO PowerSuite Christmas Discount!

    How does backlink analysis work for a 100% result? SEOs dig the web for as much info as possible about their top ranking competitors’ links – from which sites they come, how much PR and ranking value they bring. The aim is to see your competitor’s linking strategy that moved them to Google’s top. Next step is to get as many backlinks from the same proven sources as you can, plus a few more links – and that’s how competitor research helps literally skyrocket a website to ranking #1 one day.

    Thanks to this magic bullet hundreds of our users are already enjoying solid #1 ranking for their keywords. These successful folks used SEO SpyGlass to pull out all backlink info from search engines but there’s been a limit of only 1,000 links per website. With no way to find more, no matter if you searched manually or with any SEO software.

    Search engines weren’t created to help us SEOs – that’s why they’re carefully hiding all info that might help us push up our website rankings.

    ==> SEO PowerSuite Christmas Discount!

    Now SEO SpyGlass breaks through this limit and becomes the only tool that gathers more than 1,000 links. And with today’s update, it’s going beyond the 50,000 border! This means that now – after only 15 minutes of software work – you can know everything about your competitors’ SEO link building. And you’ve got 50 times as much hidden data as any other website promoter. That’s your absolute winning advantage and the power your competitors would only envy: you’re on the shortest way to win their sweet #1 Google spot and secure it for your own website for years.

    And we’re not going to insist that you do competition research. You do what you think is best. You’re the only one who can correctly judge your site’s needs. However… if you want to be serious and be among the folks who achieve rankings fast because they know exactly what will work, and now have 50 times greater chances than the rest of website owners – don’t miss the latest version of SEO SpyGlass.


    ==> SEO PowerSuite Christmas Discount!

    **Special Christmas Offer Valid until Dec.29th,2010!
    Use code: happy2010

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    Keyword Elite 2.0 by Brad Callen Launches Aug.25

    Filed Under (PPC Tools) by PPC Master on 17-08-2009

    I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you about a new software product that’s, literally, tripling
    and even quadrupling thousands of Google Adwords and Adsense publishers’ monthly earnings.

    This new keyword software program allows you to plug in a root keyword and it will immediately generate thousands of highly profitable Adsense keywords. Heck, it’ll even create Adsense optimized web pages for you… but that’s really a side benefit of the program.

    You can also monitor your Adwords competition to see which keywords are actually making them the most earnings each month… Then, you can steal their keywords and use them as your own!

    The software even allows you to create your own Adwords ads and them upload them to your Google Adwords account, without even logging into your account.

    Anyway, I won’t go into all of what the software can do in this email, but you can visit the URL below to watch several demo videos that the creator of the software has made.

    If the videos and testimonials at the website don’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.

    Anyway, visit below to have a look at the demo videos. Enjoy!

    => Keyword Elite 2.0

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    Speed PPC 40% Discount

    Filed Under (PPC Tools) by PPC Master on 22-06-2009

    Starts: Midnight, Monday 22 June 2009 EST
    Ends: Midnight, Thursday 25 June 2009 EST

    Over at SpeedPPC, they’re celebrating the end of their Aussie financial year with a massive sale for 3 days only.

    With a huge 40% discount on their top-of-the-line package SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro, you’ll save almost $200 off the normal price. You can use your savings to kick off your PPC campaigns or splurge it…

    To sweeten the deal even more, the first 50 people will get hold of a new bonus that’s being offered for the very first time – SpeedPPC’s WordPress Dynamic Landing Page plug-in.

    This exclusive plug-in enables you to dynamically target your WordPress landing pages using various page templates. You can also perfect your targeting using multiple dynamic values in your URL and page content – all this with just a single installation of WordPress!

    Whether you’re affiliate marketing or not, you can dominate the market with the SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro suite that includes the incredible SpeedPPC campaign builder, the Affiliate Datafeed Software, and added extras to get you launching high quality PPC campaigns within minutes.

    If you’re struggling with any of these, then check SpeedPPC out now:

    - High costs blocking your profits?
    - Too much time wasted on setting up campaigns?
    - Click through rates too low?
    - Conversions too few and far between?
    - Quality score choking your ad impressions?
    - Minimum bids set too high?
    - Tracking profitable keywords virtually impossible?

    You’re automatically protected with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try SpeedPPC with your own campaigns at no risk whatsoever.

    Get it now before the 40% off sale ends at midnight, Thursday 25 June EST.

    Speed PPC Discount

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