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Facebook Crushes Google For Cheap Traffic !

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 23-02-2010

My buddy Ryan Deiss’ Facebook Ad Power is
the #1 traffic training in the World right now and
tomorrow he is shutting it down.


Ryan told me that he simply doesn’t want too
many people to ruin his best traffic honey hole.

Here is a link to his video (if it’s still up)

The free video alone is nothing short of eye
opening and a great lesson in video marketing.

Ryan explains SO many ways Facebook is better
than Google, you’ll be shocked.

Click the link below to watch now

Facebook Cheap Traffic

Do in NOW or that’s all she wrote

- Tav

P.S. I’ll let you know the exact closing time
tomorrow as soon as I get it, but don’t wait.

Go watch Ryan’s video now

Facebook Cheap Traffic!

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SEO To Help With Your PPC

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 20-11-2009

One strategy I’ve been using (not that it’s a huge “strategy” or “hidden secret” per se), is the simple method of linking PPC campaigns to firmly established sites that have strong SEO elements. If you have any decent page-rank sites with decent content – you are pretty safe with decent quality scores (at least in my own experience). Domain age is a factor – so the SPLOGS and FLOGS that are cranked out at lightspeed these days are harder and harder to get Google love. They WILL get slapped eventually and depending on the market you’re in – you could even end up with your Google Adwords account punted if the stuff you’re promoting isn’t within “the spirit of Google” and your landing page possibly mis-represents the product in some way, shape or form. Yes folks, it doesn’t get any easier does it.

Anyway, here’s method of backlinking I’ve been using (and it’s a tool – it’s all about freeing up your own time and brain power people) – BruteForce Linking

Check it out if you want an SEO boost to your sites to help with your PPC quality scores.

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Over $6 Million a year?!…(Free Video & Report)

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 24-10-2009

PPC Classroom 3.0 by my good friends and top marketers Anik Singal & Amit Mehta is about to tear the lid off of PPC Marketing!

But the best part is that they are revealing secrets that can make you one of the top 2% Elite Super affiliates in a FREE Report & Video series.

==> PPC Classroom 3.0

Whats the Free Report About?

The Report and Video series teaches you:

- How to build your small PPC successes into
job-quitting income!

- How to effortlessly EXPLODE your affiliate profits!

- How you can automate your PPC income and
multiply your profits without the extra work!

Get your free report packed with more than 50 pages of super affiliate secrets that will help you get started with PPC and take your business to the next level.

Check it out Now:
==> PPC Classroom 3.0

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Perry Marshall 2010 Definitive Guide to Google AdWords

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 15-09-2009

Whether you’re brand new at AdWords or 7-year veteran, the brand new 2010 Definitive Guide to Google AdWords will decisively advance your game in 2 hours or less.

What’s going on here?

In the words of Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign machine: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Irresistible, titanic forces are driving people online.

2X as many businesses, 2X as many startups, and 2X more affiliates. You gettin’ the picture?

Record numbers of people are coming to the web to do business. As the offline economy stumbles and falters, as politicians promise helpless, ineffective solutions, the Internet continues to heat up.

What These Trends Mean for You
Never before has being at the bottom of the AdWords heap been so expensive or cost you more time than it does right now.


Never before have so many people been trying to climb to the top of the AdWords heap!

Staying at the front of the Google AdWords wavefront is critical to the continued success of your business. If your rival gains the upper hand, the long-term consequences may be grave.

When you prevail, the benefits of dominating a market continue to earn compound interest. Market Dominators still control their own destiny and still make the majority of the profits.

Even in the present crunch, it is still possible to prosper. At my last Roundtable meeting, 1/3 of the members had experienced a record sales month in the last four months.

Nevertheless, I mince no words: If you are going to prosper in the fall of 2009 and 2010…. Prepare for battle.

If getting visitors to your site via Google AdWords is oxygen for your business (even if you’re doing comfortably well), don’t you even think about resting on your laurels, because somebody is hungry to take what’s yours.

If you stumble even for a minute, dozens of competitors are positioned to pounce.

If you’re #1 in your market, you get the best customers, the best opportunities, and the best defense against competition. Like I said, “Winner Takes All”.

That’s why Bryan Todd and Perry Marshall have thoroughly re-written the Definitive Guide to Google AdWords for 2010.

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Broad (Session-Based) Match Type in AdWords Explained

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 20-08-2009

This is a great little article posted by Rob Sieracki on the rocketclicks.com blog. It basically references what is noted in the adwords help : http://adwords.google.com/support/aw/bin/answer.py?answer=74246
It’s definitely something you should keep in mind.

Since June we’ve noticed a new “Search Query Match Type” on AdWords search query reports: “Broad (Session-Based)”. What is this newly reported match type and how does it affect advertisers?

Broad (Session-Based) Match Type Explained
Read the rest of this entry »

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