Affiliate Punisher, CPA Ninja, Google Conquest

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Affiliate Punisher, CPA Ninja, Google Conquest… Launch Madness… Again…

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Affiliate Punisher, CPA Ninja, Google Conquest

Launch fatigue – that’s what I call today’s onslaught of product launches. Not to say these products aren’t great, but come on – how many times are you going to be bombarded with the latest and greatest whiz-bang shiny widget tool and training course?

Just today, the following products were launched:

==> Affiliate Punisher – by Peter Parks
==> CPA Ninja – by Mark Rozmanith & Matt Trainer
==> Google Conquest (Re-Release) – by Alex Goad

Each of which are created by some of the top gurus in the IM space, and all of them great products I’m sure.

HOWEVER, when does it become information overload?

With the information you currently have in your noggin, I can almost assure you that you have what it takes to make it online – you just need some focus.

I recently cracked the top 15 of the PPC Bully 2.0 Launch amongst some of the top, cream of the crop marketers online – and I did it by blocking out all the noise of product launches and just focusing on ONE thing, ONE technique, ONE method of promotion.

I mention the above products because I know these guys, and they make rock-solid products, but before you take a look at the next launch, take stock of what you’ve already got and what you’re already doing – and don’t get distracted unless you are 100% certain the tool or product or whatever it is will UNDENIABLY help you in your current business.

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