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SEO To Help With Your PPC

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 20-11-2009

One strategy I’ve been using (not that it’s a huge “strategy” or “hidden secret” per se), is the simple method of linking PPC campaigns to firmly established sites that have strong SEO elements. If you have any decent page-rank sites with decent content – you are pretty safe with decent quality scores (at least in my own experience). Domain age is a factor – so the SPLOGS and FLOGS that are cranked out at lightspeed these days are harder and harder to get Google love. They WILL get slapped eventually and depending on the market you’re in – you could even end up with your Google Adwords account punted if the stuff you’re promoting isn’t within “the spirit of Google” and your landing page possibly mis-represents the product in some way, shape or form. Yes folks, it doesn’t get any easier does it.

Anyway, here’s method of backlinking I’ve been using (and it’s a tool – it’s all about freeing up your own time and brain power people) – BruteForce Linking

Check it out if you want an SEO boost to your sites to help with your PPC quality scores.

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Back To PPC Basics – 95mins of Pure Video Content

Filed Under (PPC Training) by PPC Master on 17-11-2009

PPC Bully 2.0 Magic Toolbar!

There are a lot of e-books and courses online that teaches the same old Pay Per Click “crap”.

You probably bought various IM ebooks – so you probably know exactly what I’m talking about…

So, the PPC Bully “gang” are providing a great video that you should check out to get you back on track.
It’s a recording of a 95 min webinar they hosted with Ran Aroussi as part of the PPC Bully Training program.

They’ve decided to release this video for free to help “fill in” some of the gaps most people have in their
PPC education.

Watch it here:
95 mins of PPC Basics

The video covers:

==> the anatomy of a successful campaign
==> how to build a good keyword list
==> writing converting ads
==> dealing with quality score
==> 3 strategies to use on your campaigns NOW

… and more!

Here’s the link again:
95 mins of PPC Basics

Nothing to buy. No list to join. Just pure content.

Don’t miss out.

Talk soon

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Why do MOST affiliates FAIL?

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing) by PPC Master on 13-11-2009

Here’s your answer:
Check This Out
(hint: it’s not Google’s fault…)

I can summarize it all down to two words:

Information + Overload.

There’s just so many things you need to do when you
promote a product as an affiliate — especially if
you’re using PPC.

You have to find a good product or offer, research
the market, keywords, discussions and demographics,
build your site, write your ads – and the list just
goes on and on…

- Too much stuff = Information Overload
- Information Overload = NO Action

We’ll the guys from PPC Bully had just released the
“magic pill” for this problem. It’s the latest addition
to their excellent family of tools.

The best part is that it’s completely free!

Seriously. There’s NOTHING to buy… No upsells,
no “pro” version. Noting.

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself:
The Magic PPC Bullet

Go to their site and download their new tool for
free NOW.


Stop reading right now and do it before they change
their minds and start charging for it. A LOT.

Here’s the link again:
PPC Bully Toolbar

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