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Google Adwords New Interface

Filed Under (Pay Per Click Tracking) by PPC Master on 23-04-2009

Wow, the new Google Adwords New User Interface is fabulous!  Make sure you take a look at your notification bar within your Adwords account to make sure you have applied for the beta interface.   Drilling into your data within the new interface is AWESOME.   Way better than having to crank out reports and the filtering ability to check out keyword sats is great.   It really has great features for your content campaigns as well!

Make sure you check it out – it’ll definitely help your PPC campaign management!


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Exit Popups and PPC Landing Pages

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 21-04-2009

Tired of paying for those clicks to your CPA offer landing pages or affiliate squeeze pages and seeing nothing but huge bounce-rate and zero sales?

Think about implementing an exit popup on those pages that you’re paying to drive visitors to. Give yourself a greater chance of capturing the lead or getting them to take action on a CPA offer instead of leaving it entirely up to the landing page.

If you present to them something very compelling at this point of exit – be it a bonus offer, free eBook, some sort of incentive for subscribing, etc etc – the chances are pretty good that they will at least take a few seconds to consider reading on. If not, the visitor was probably a total tire-kicker/non-buyer anyway so it’s probably good they’re not taking any action and out of your hair forever.

Check out the following short video on how an exit popup could push your PPC campaign over the hump:

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The Google Content Network Performance Trends

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 20-04-2009

How do Content Network ads perform for advertisers? Google recently analyzed conversions, cost, and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) on the Content Network, and compared them to performance metrics on the search network across thousands of campaigns and many geographic regions.

The Google Content Network is the world’s #1 ad network, reaching more than 80% of global internet users. Six billion ad impressions are served each day across hundreds of thousands of content network websites. Thousands of AdWords advertisers place ads on the Content Network to complement their search marketing campaigns on Google.com and the rest of the Google search network.

Download the following white paper to learn more about the findings from this analysis:


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PPC Kahuna

Filed Under (PPC Spy Tools) by PPC Master on 11-04-2009

For those of you “depending” on spytools to reveal to you the holy grail of PPC riches, I’m afraid I have some bad news. As time goes on, the “elite guys” that are killing it in the PPC world are probably going to do everything in their power to block those tools from spying on their campaigns. My experience has shown I can block the more common ones from crawling my landing pages pretty easily – just google “block ppc spytools” and you’ll find a plethora of information on how to modify your .htaccess file. On the other hand, many of these guys are direct linking right to the merchant / clickbank hoplink which obviously can’t be blocked – this is yet another intriguing thing as most of the tests I’ve done have yielded terrible quality scores. Discussion for another day.

Anyway, one tool that I’ve been using more of is PPC Kahuna. It would appear it’s more difficult to notice since this software runs on your own PC so it doesn’t have a common IP address footprint that advertisers can easily block. Everybody knows what the IP addresses are of the common PPC spytools like keywordspy and spyfu and GCD and keycompete, etc etc etc. They can change and rotate servers but you can just update your .htaccess to block accordingly. Presumably, if someone was really watching their server logs, they could block you from using PPC Kahuna as well, but that would be a loooooot of work. eg, do you know what IP my various machines are running on? probably not ;)

I am now using PPC Kahuna as well as PPC Bully instead of GCD and compare it against spyfu and the free versions of keywordspy etc. You kind of have to have an open mind with these spytools and not rely on them too heavily – use them to gather some broadstroke market intelligence on where / how to enter a market, but don’t assume you can just copy someone and be successful. I think those days are numbered.

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PPC Is Tough…

Filed Under (PPC Marketing) by PPC Master on 10-04-2009

Despite all the new tools and systems and courses that are coming out, let’s face it, PPC is getting harder and harder. Without the proper strategy going into a campaign, you are pretty much guaranteed to put more money in google’s pockets than your own – sorry to burst your bubble.

I just posted a long rant over in the warrior forum about the apparent discontent with the GCD 2.0 system. I myself discontinued my membership, mainly because it wasn’t what *I* needed and although people were complaining about the quality of training and some other things, the tool DOES help to a certain extent. However, I question how useful it will be going forward since I was able to block all my own campaigns from being spyed on by GCD so you better believe the top players are doing the same. What good is a competitive market intelligence tool if all the data is coming from newbies that don’t know what they’re doing? If you wanted to create a PPC product on how NOT to run adwords campaigns, GCD might be very helpful with that too since 90% of the ads I saw were definitely destined for failure.

Anyway, I’m going to be back in my “test lab” and trying some new things so I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can subscribe to my newsletter over at my www.ironmarketer.com blog to stay in the loop.

cheers and Happy Easter.

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